50-ft yacht runs aground on Lake Norman

Shamrockin, a fifty foot yacht, got clung on a shoal off Governor’s Island, located near Denver, one of the fluffiest parts of the Lake Norman. TowBoatUS’s Derek DeBord said that one never knows from a tale at night what is really taking place till you just go there and experience it.

This is one of the top challenges that DeBord has confronted on Lake Norman. The yacht is the biggest to ever go aground on the water-body. DeBord stated that the boat operator was on the lake at evening when his electronics stopped working. Without access to a GPS system which shows the water depth, the operator had the boat stuck.

Crews told the yacht charter Scotland website that in spite of minimal damage to the yacht and none to this environment, they have been clambering to get rid of the yacht from the water. It has been there since Saturday morning. DeBord told that nothing on the lake is really equipped to deal with that.

Workers from Beaufort have been asked to Lake Norman to help. Their next step is to utilize a crane barge to lift the yacht and keep it in deeper waterbody. While the damage might have been a lot worse, workers told that this might have been avoided.

TowBoatUS’ Lee Sykes said that running around and trying to figure it out on the fly maybe works in daytime operations, but not at night.

Another huge problem is that the vessel weighs around 52000 pounds. The authorities also stated that alcohol was not a huge factor in the event.