Melges 20 Worlds Lead Changes

The Melges 20 fleet is three socials and five races into the Melges 20 World Championship (M20WC) 2019. Steady racing is paying off to Heart breaker of Robert Hughes, who guided the pack at the middle point, along with Federico Michetti and Manu Weiller.

The race wins of today went to Nika of Vladimir Prosikhin and Kuai of Daniel Thielman. The leaders turned overnight Daniel Thielman and his team that includes Rayleen Thielman, Alec Anderson, and Jeremy Wilmot have won three races out of five races they participated by now, but today’s one mid-fleet finish brought them to the second position.

Transpac 50 Witnessed Early Record Entry

The interest upcoming 2225-mile Transpac race 50th biennial edition, which is going to take place in July from and between Los Angeles to Honolulu has created a new record. Till date, the race has got 82 entries. The last record of the race was 80 entries. This race started 40 years ago and was first sailed in the year 1906.

Tom Hogan, who is the TPYC Commodore said “We had the belief that the 50th edition of this race will become popular and now when we have seen the entry number we are really pleased. I have never seen such number of teams entering in the cycle so early. At the one end we are excited to see the response and on the other hand, we are also happy that early entry will help us to plan things better. We will try to provide the highest standard of planning for everyone who is participating in the race.”

World Youth Sailing Championship 2018 Opens

500 sailors as well as competitors across the world got an opportunity to see the team Corpus Christi taking part in the competition. Craig Henderson, the commodore of Corpus Christi Yacht Club said that the team is ready to show its best performance. The opening ceremony of 2018 World Youth Sailing Championship took place at the American Bank Center on Sunday. The world will see young sailors representing their home countries in the championship that made a comeback to the U.S after more than 2 decades. The champions made their entry during the week and started off with their practice sessions on the bay. The opening ceremony that was held on Sunday was indeed an interesting one as competitors began to pour water from the home nations into a common bowl.

Ana Clare Sole, the Team USA was quite happy as she said that she has friends all over the world and this is the time to meet different people with a common passion and goals. The Team Egypt Sponsor Jennifer Rock said that it’s good to see people with so much enthusiasm and they have a lot of positive spirits out there. The maximum excitement was seen from France, especially after they saw their own Soccer team winning the World Cup. The team said they wish to do the same thing and are quite hopeful about winning like their soccer team. The sailing competition is in association with the Olympic Development Program.


Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) are stepping up their TP52 preparation and training programme ahead of the America’s Cup. This year, they will be competing in the 52 SUPER SERIES, as per reports. This season BAR is joining up with Tony Langley’s Gladiator team so the late 2016 launched Botín Partners design would be employed.

The design showed its merits when it tied in second place with Azzurra at the last regatta in Mallorca last year. BAR and Gladiator are expected to join up and discuss the finer points for the fleet. There was training set in the UK but the team could not engage due to poor weather conditions. There are plans for warm weather pre-season preparations at the San Diego yacht club though.

Ben Ainslie said the 52 SUPER SERIES is “a great opportunity” to have the sailing team on the water as there were no Cup racing this year.

“With no Cup racing this year of any kind, the 52 SUPER SERIES is the most competitive racing there is. It is not foiling, but it is a key chance to have the team out there building the relationships in the core sailing team and performing at the highest level,” Ainslie said.

He added that it is good also considering the budget for America’s Cup as they are saving. BAR is expected to bring his core team that featured at the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda and join them with the Gladiator team. BAR will rotate the sailors while Gladiator will have the trimmers, grinder and who will eventually run the boat. Langley and Ainslie will be the tacticians. Giles Scott will play strategist, Andy McLean will navigate while Matt Cornwell will be on the bow.

Bilgin Yacht Launched Its New Nerissa

Yard of Turkey, the Bilgin Yachts has recently launched its first boat of its new series 47.5 meter Bilgin, this is the 156 semi-custom series, and has been given the name Nerissa.

Three yachts are going to be developed by the developers and one of three is currently at the under development stage at Bilgin. The Nerissa will have its trial at sea before moving to the South of France. Here, in the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, she will make her first public debut.

The naval architecture and exterior of the yacht has been completed by Unique Yacht Design (UYD) Company. The yacht is comprised of full displacement hull made up of steel and aluminum superstructure, she also has a 496GT total interior volume.

The yacht is powered by two diesel engines 1,475hp MTU 12V2000 M72 and according to the expectations, it is going to achieve the top speed of 16 knots. And it can go to the maximum range 4,000 nautical miles at 12 knots, her cruising speed. (more…)

Heiner A Consistent Sailor In Hyères

At World Cup Series of Sailing, Nicholas Heiner’s (NED) consistency in the Finn is equal success. The event is taking place in Hyères, France.

From 52 nations 534 racers are racing across the ten Olympic events. So far, the 2.4 Norlin OD, Foiling Formula Kiteboarding and Heiner have been one of the most reliable performers among all.

The breeze is 7-13 knot at the event site, which took some time to get filled in, and the 2017 World Cup Series second regatta has reached to its midpoint. And for the live Medal Races on Saturday and Sunday the battle is on.

The third day of Finn regatta became another consistent day of racing for Heiner. He took the lead in a fleet that has all experienced racers. (more…)

Faridha Overbeat Sickness With Malaysian Navy

Faridha Yusof gets motion of sickness when she board ship, but when the opportunity of joining (RMM) Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), she did not back stepped.

Instead, she joined RMN Sail Training Ship Tunas Samudera and said this is the biggest challenge she has faced and as a mariner she has to overcome with this.

“I had being to ship a number of times, yet I have vomited several times and I still get motion sickness.” Speaking about the training Penang-born lass said “The training on board is very tough and amid the training I have broken some of my bone too. It was in taekwondo I had broken my bones.”

“Work likes pulling the sail and working on board is very tough and it requires teamwork, all the tasks could not be done single hand, you need the support of somebody. When I remain above and the boat sails in full swing, I feel some vertigo still,” said the Penang-born lass. (more…)

Sailing Stalled In Sheboygan

Championships that were planned at Sheboygan had to be curtailed on September 22nd as there was a lack of wind on the first two days.

That led to competitions being stalled. This happened on the first of the two days when championship sailing events were planned. However, this might have come as a blessing in disguise as the sailors who were waiting for the competitions to take part found more interesting things to do. There were about two groups of top level sailors who were at Shebogyan for the week as there were two kinds of championships scheduled to take place at Shebogyan at the same time. One group was the World Racing Championship for women sailors while the other consisted of visually impaired sailors taking part in the Blind Match Race. Both the team got to learn much about each other. The women’s team realized that the blind sailors had a unique way of sailing that was neat.

As there was unsettling wind and fog it prevented the races from being on the waters as per schedule. However, the female competitors learnt several techniques on how to steer the sail even without sight. (more…)

Yachting veteran dies in Pittwater yacht crash

Today, a yachting veteran David Booth, 72, was killed after he was struck by a timber beam and then thrown into the water in a yacht crash that left another participant pinned under water. Paramedics and police were asked to Newport’s Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club at around 2.30 pm after the yachts broke up in Pittwater, bumping a seventy-two-year-old racer into the sea.
Tonight, the man’s friends flooded the Facebook page of the club with many tributes to the late sailor who was sailing on his couta yacht. Bob Rayner said: “A great loss of a nice bloke. Unfortunately died doing what he loves doing. RIP mate.”
Parry Thomas, a fellow sailor, said: “I have been friends and sailed with both the people involved for over 30 years. My thoughts are with the families and all the other people who have been touched by this tragedy.”
Witnesses stated that around fifty yachts from Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club were battling it out in three races earlier on Saturday. At the time of the mishap, it was a quite hectic at the top mark in the regatta, as vessels jostled for position to round it.