Children stage global awareness on yacht

In a positive initiative of global awareness, the second start of the Volvo Ocean Race, last evening in the Cape Town Harbour, saw South African children singing a choir from Vestas to bring an end to several global issues like climate change, water concerns and poverty.

This was a striking sight indeed. The company’s team named Team Vistas Wind, participated in the competition, there was a total of more than 12 boats that made the skipper of Vesta’s wind, Chris Nicholson as the crew set sail for Abu Dhabi. It was at this point that this remarkable performance was staged in one of the boats by more than 100 children around the Cape Town region.

The company’s CMO and group senior vice president, Morten Albaek, told @plainsailing in a press release that the basic challenge in the 21st century is the factor of energy that is to be preserved and conserved. He even mentioned that the participation of Vesta in the Volvo Race is dedicated to increase the awareness of the energy concerns faced by the world and a part of solving this problem is conserving wind energy.

Vestas is also engaged in a noble cause named “A Race We Must Win” in order to demand necessary and in immediate action from the leaders if the world at the COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties on Climate Change) that is to be held in Paris in 2015.Albaek even said that due to the steady climate change about 1.3 billion people in the world is denied proper access to electricity. He even said that conservation of energy is the bigger race to be won.

Vestas has made a lot of initiatives to combat these global problems and this race will definitely bring about fruitful measures.