Day 4 Round Up At Etchells

Day 4 at the Etchells Worlds was held under tough wind conditions. The race saw many teams experience gear issues. There was a big breeze on Day 4 at the Etchells World Championships at 25 knots along with squalls that felt as if the wind sped was over 30 knots.

The race 6 of the regatta event was completed in trying circumstances and this meant that there was a series guaranteed for the regatta. There was only one race that took place and it was won by American Argyle Campbell from the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The reigning Etchells Worlds champion Skip Dieball from USA completed the race in the 3rd position and the second place was grabbed by British sailor Andy Beadsworth.

The Royal Brighton Yacht Club’s John Bertrand is currently in the overall lead position and came in the 6th position in the Day 4 race. The team of Steve Benjamin (Rent a yacht Croatia) did not get it right on Day 4 with damage to the main sheet system before the start and they had to end up in the 20th place. They are now at the third position overall. Noel Drennan finished the day in the fifth place just a point ahead of Benjamin.

Drennan acknowledges that John Bretrand is having a big lead at the moment, but Chris Hamilton and Steve Benjamin are close on his heels. There are still plenty of races to take place in the Etchells Worlds and if Day 5 is also windy, then there are chances for things to change. Drennan said that he will try to start the racer well on Day 5 and do not commit any silly mistakes.

Argyle and his team are happy that they were able to steer Rock N’ Roll to finish in the first place on Day 4. They said that they were able to counter the strong winds thanks to their training in high winds at the Cowes.