23 thoughts on “Helicopter landing on a superyacht in the Bahamas

  1. that is Nassau and paradise island on the left I have been there many times in fact this picture was taken in the Bahamas

  2. ,megayachts usually have agustas. this does not look luxurious enough to b an agusta. most likely a euro copter, to be exact i would have to say as350. those are usually used on smaller yachts that can hold helicopters because they are shorter, and much easier to land on that small decks

  3. Nicely done. I hope the pilot took a moment to tell the ship crew to remove or completely secure those fabrics. One of those gets loose, it could end up dramatic.

  4. Microsoft Flight Simulator X featured a helicopter mission under the same conditions! it was much fun.

  5. Hello ianrobbo,pure coincidence I came across this I hope you are well.
    Saw dix the other week and he has lost a ton of weight (no more classic American fat man!) so loads and weights should be well within limits if you pair get to go on a caper again.
    Hope you are keeping up the lifestyle!

  6. Well NO I suppose , I really wasn’t hoping for anything bad to happen , it is sort of analogous to watching a NASCAR race , you really are there for the race but SOOO many folks are looking hoping and cheering for a crash.

    SO let no bad karma come my way for I really never want ill things for anybody .

    AND hek yea that pilot got them skills !!

  7. Don’t agree, potential for incident is very low. No issue with weather or wind. Crew inside and outside the helicopter qualified, experienced & briefed. HLS appropriate and approved. Helicopter correctly loaded, weight and balance all withing published limits. Performance within normal flight envelope. Just an everyday job of work for the professionals.

  8. no sorry i wasnt. maybe others were. yourself? got to admit potential for an incident was quite high. pilot had some great skills Eh?

  9. i love how then pan to the back to only see the classic fat, white american man. Ohh freedom

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