14 thoughts on “How to flush a boat engine

  1. hi my boat did not sarted 6 years can you advise me what to do before you started

  2. dear retard who thinks he is helping people
    It wont prolong the life of the boat if you leave the drive up unless if you have the time and money to fix it. 

  3. Yes, you should always lower the drive. There are 2 u joints inside the u-joint bellows and if the drive is up too far then it puts them into a bind and can cause premature failure.

  4. I’ve actually done it both ways but now I just always do it in trailer position like this. I haven’t noticed any problems doing it up like this, as opposed to trimmed all of the way down. I also winterized it in this trailer position. By the way, I winterized today and am uploading a video now. You should watch it. It should be up in about 3 hours on my channel. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching!

  5. Do you have to drop the drive down or can you leave it totally up like you did?

  6. LOL sweet dude =) I’ve got a Dragon 1/2 ounce from Fiji coming soon. It’s in an egg case….will post video for sure =)

  7. Already have! I just switched to this new channel & name. I was “lowpross11”, now sanpedrosilver. Thanks again, that was a helpful video. Looking forward to your next coin video!

  8. Thanks bud! I subbed ya BTW you’re a silver stacker too! Feel free to check out my coin & bullion vids too if ya wanna!

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