12 thoughts on “M.Y ISLANDER

  1. I was lucky enough to sail on this yacht multiple times when I was younger out of NY before it became the islander, I remember the mast missing the GWB by 3.5 feet and I also remember the collection of art on board consisted of a few Picaso’s and a Monet I believe. This yacht was amazing during its time everything from the lit up spiral staircase to the teak sport fishing fighting chair, Great times

  2. The interior is very nice,or it was as a motor sailor.I was looking for a MS and they were just sailing yachts with bigger motors and you still lived in the cave like interior.This was so light and airy,plus you could just go out for a sail without having a distination in mind.I fell in love with her.Her sailing rig needed replacing and the cost was judged to be too expensive for a yacht they planned to sell afer the refit,so this is the result.She can be converted to sails again if wanted.

  3. I saw her with sails and retractable keel; I prefer the motor yacht look. I think she’s perfect — I’m in love 🙂

  4. she’s not boring, she’s awesome and fabulous! with those kamewa water jets, even quiet in her awesome-ness 🙂

  5. Price now under $13M. I want the sails back. Great to be able to sail on a fine day, billowing sails presented to the wind. Now it is just another boring motoryacht.

  6. Got to walk around this for a few hours, it’s a beautiful vessel, literally a mansion on the ocean. Luckiest captain on the planet I believe he is in his late 20’s.

  7. Love the yacht, looks much better now it’s lost the sails, agree with previous comment presentation could be better, what about the interior of the yacht ? I see you’re trying to sell it $16,000,000 on James list.com, is someone else trying to make a cool profit by trying to sell it on E-BAY for $24,000,000 ?

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