Melges 20 Worlds Lead Changes

The Melges 20 fleet is three socials and five races into the Melges 20 World Championship (M20WC) 2019. Steady racing is paying off to Heart breaker of Robert Hughes, who guided the pack at the middle point, along with Federico Michetti and Manu Weiller.

The race wins of today went to Nika of Vladimir Prosikhin and Kuai of Daniel Thielman. The leaders turned overnight Daniel Thielman and his team that includes Rayleen Thielman, Alec Anderson, and Jeremy Wilmot have won three races out of five races they participated by now, but today’s one mid-fleet finish brought them to the second position.

The boasts Melges 20 fleet racing all over the world and 2019 is not an exception. This year, Division North American of Melges World League (MWL) has welcomed fresh owners in this class and is fully enthusiastic for the Miami Winter Series taking place in 2019-2020. This is the 11th year of the series and all have been successful.

The event will be back in North America in 2021. Before the start of winter series, which will be the next year, sailors will move to Europe to take part in the summer circuit of Melges World League (MWL) racing in six events that have been organized by Melges Europe. In Japan, the Asian division of MWL is now in full action with regular racing as well as five sanctioned regattas that have been organized by Melges Japan on Mount Fuji backdrop. It is attracting sailors from all over the world to participate.

From nine countries, Twenty-two teams have entered in 20 World Championship 2019 Melges taking place in April 4-7. There are almost 10 races that have been scheduled for a group on Biscayne Bay and preparations for the successful hosting of all races are in full swing.