New Policy Launched For The National Yachting

With the unlocking of St. Kitts and Nevis National Yachting Policy, there will be many great economic opportunities for the people working in the twin-island federation. This policy seems to have great potential.

Mr. McClean, the director of Maritime Affairs said that the main challenge is the method that has been put in to develop a better and sustainable sector for yachting during his presence at the launch ceremony of National Yachting Policy at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort on Thursday. He is also very hopeful that if the Minister of Tourism and International Transport Mr. Richard Skerritt keeps on providing the leadership for yachting at a federation level, everything will be possible.

Mr. Hobson said that it is very important for all the shareholders to work together so that this sector develops to become a very important one. He also pointed out that a few days after he joined the post of Minister of Tourism and International Transport in 2010, he was advised by Minister Skerritt numerous times that they should take some step to make the local Yachting sector grow and flourish. He said that he was looking forward to move the Yachting industry from the present condition and develop it in a way that it becomes a more competitive sector and also creates economic opportunities for the people. He also expects to impress the visitors and leave a mark on their hearts to come ashore in yachts.

Mr. Hobson said that Minister Skerritt believes in moving forward with the idea only when they have enough relevant data to work on. He said that the first assignment he got from Skirrett was to make a base study on the yachting industry and thus the Yachting Oversight Committee and National Policy was created to look after the development of yachting sector.