25 thoughts on “Oyster 56 “Asante”: Homeward Bound Across the Atlantic

  1. What a super video. Brings back lots of good memories. I have a 55 and have done similar passages.

  2. Thanks to all,but engineer/fllmmaker Gale Browning took me awey.I saw that movie twice and I cant stop it ;-)Picture and editting so are brilant.Sorry but my english is not so good and I can not to say everything what i want.

  3. Yep, red ensign at 3:15, blue at 10:45! There’s a reason for changing?

  4. Did you change the ensign? I thought it was red at the beginning and blue toward the end!

  5. That has to be one of the best sailing video’s I have ever seen.
    You did you enjoy great sundowners,

  6. Thanks for all your comments. It was a special sail with wonderful crew on a luxurious yacht.

  7. Congratulations to your video and your trip. i´m sitting in my living room and now wanna go immediately on board. also your spirit on board is amazing. Cool trip, better boat and best crew.

    best regards & fair winds


  8. Excellent Video one of the best accounts of a transat that ive seen on a beautiful boat well done guys 🙂

  9. stuff like this makes me wanna go for a sail too!thx for sharing guys!

  10. simpatico reportage…bella barca, ciao!!
    nice reportage…beautiful boat, bye!!

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