Rio airport to shut down during the Olympic sailing events

The Rio de Janeiro airport for inland flights will close down for several hours a day during Olympic Games’ sailing events next year in the adjacent bay, said Brazil’s military on Wednesday. Flight ways to Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro’s heart come low over the Guanabara Bay where sailors at the Games will compete on 8th to 18th August, needing confinements of four to 5 hours daily, said Air Force spokesman Andre Ferreira Grandis.

Speaking to Plain Sailing, Andre Ferreira said that they are talking about this, a particular timetable so that when the sailing competitions take place they do not have this problem. Santos Dumont will not shut all day, but for a period.

Brazil airlines
In fact, Grandis added that the measure was not related to security but for the event not to be affected. Sailors have quetched that the low-flying flights might disrupt races, but another major reason for the flight bans is the need to clear airspace for helicopters filming the Olympics.

Grandis told that the passengers coming to Rio would not have problems with all the traffic restrictions. Earlier in August, Brazilian Airlines Association complained regarding the aforethought closures, warning they would paralyze air travel and impact on over 150000 passengers, airlines. The band stated that it was looking at the industrial action during the Olympic Games.