4 thoughts on “Sailboat Maintenance

  1. The good thing about the video is it gives confidence to people that may be afraid to tackle the job….

    I’ve seen impeller blades that g o one way, if you put it in wrong it doesn’t work, info is usually with the new impeller. READ THE DIRECTIONS>
    when replacing the cover, first snug all the bolts and then work on opposite sides and tighten the bolts.
    If you go around in circles , you run the risk of cracking something…..
    or having a leak or warping the cover

  2. does the impeller rotate cw or ccw ? could’nt you coat the o-ring and impeller blades with silicon grease ? also you could coat the impeller shaft with anti-seize . do it right and you will be better in the long run.

  3. You have the mechanical skills of a teenager.
    First note the direction of rotation. For sumb asses, use a marker and draw an arrow. Install a new impeller and make sure it matches rotation.
    Use two pliers and two hands and wiggle the impeller out in one or two seconds.
    Use dish soap to install an impeller
    Start all screws first, then tighten in opposite rotation.

  4. I did not learn athing, except how not to screw the cover on. you dont start at one end and screw around,you screw one in and then the screw on the opposite side, then the screw 90degre to that and the opposite again, and so on, everybody knows that

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