Settlement anticipated in yacht lead spill

Spokesperson for attorney general as well as superyacht Parsifal III that allegedly spilled around thirty tons of lead into Virgin Islands waters when it hit into Carrot Shoal, revealed in High Court earlier on Tuesday that they expect to reach an agreement anytime in the next 2 months.

A try out was made to commence earlier on Tuesday, but both the parties questioned for an adjournment to June when they tried to settle all the matter out of court. Attorney representing Parsifal III is Hazelann Hannaway-Boreland and it is managed by international marine firm named Camper and Nicholsons, said High Court Justice Vicki-Ann Ellis that dialogues were to begin on that day.

In court, it was told that the case deals with Parsifal III challenging the legality of a part of VI Merchant Shipping Act. Still, no people in court really explained what provision of the law is being dealt with. Ms. Hannaway-Boreland denied saying anything, and the officials of the High Court Registry told that the case documents are not made available to all.

Ms. Ellis earlier cleared that she was offering a final adjournment, with the trial fixed to proceed on 9th June if the parties could not reach an agreement on all the outstanding issues. On 2nd Jan, 2013, the 178 foot sailboat hit into the Carrot Shoal just off Peter Island’s southern tip, rupturing their keel as well as allegedly spilling around thirty tons of lead shot onto the reef.