Spindrift 2 left on Standby

World’s biggest racing trimaran, Spindrift 2 & its fourteen strong crew are finally able to foresee a bright weather window that could allow them to head on with their mission to beat up the record created between Cadiz & San Salvador. The grand trimaran had been on the standby mode since October 7th this year, in Portmao, south Portugal. It was aspiring to contend for the record created by Groupama maxi trimaran in 2007.

Spindrift 2 is led by Yann Guichard & Dona Bertarelli. The huge black & white racing trimaran is hopeful to cross over the starting line in Cadiz Bay on October 29, 2013, closely at 12:00 GMT.

The 3-week standby was in part due to significant downfall of Azores highly-pressure system & continuous series of low-pressure systems striking on western side of Iberian Peninsula. As per the reports, the high-pressure system is now gathering strength & coming up with sustained North-Easterly windy ambience perfect for the initial stage of crossing towards Canary Islands. “It implies that trade winds picking up once again”, remarked Meteo France’s Richard Silvani. Silvani is the weather analysis & routing partner for Spindrift 2 as she eyes to set on for record-breaking grand transatlantic challenge. “Azores highly-pressure system seems to be shifting into the most compatible place for the trimaran”.

Yann and Dona must be waiting to make the maximum of this great opportunity to embark on & would continue to pick out the precise time for setting off across Cadiz’s virtual starting line. “The window seems pretty decent with sustained trade-winds prevailing for maximum stretch of this course”, Si8lvani explained. “At the initial stage they would have to shift away from Spanish coastline & areas sans wind to make the maximum out of northern breeze that would be fluctuating between 25-30 knots.”