5 thoughts on “Super Yacht Leander

  1. The right to fly the White Ensign simply is because the yacht owner is a member of the RYS and has applied to the navy to fly the White Ensign.

  2. Sir Donald came and had a chat with me when we were putting a larger spa and back end on her,

  3. Thank you for the comment. For info she is also a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron, so again if the appropriate rank / Royalty is onboard they are also entitled to fly the white ensign



  4. The White Ensign can be flown because Sir Donald Gosling has given so much back to the Royal Navy, the Royal Navy have made Sir Donald a honourary Rear Admiral, and thus his ship can fly the Ensign.

    You can charter that for $75000 a day, excluding fuel.

    It is beautiful inside, and Sir Donald is a very generous person.

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