World Youth Sailing Championship 2018 Opens

500 sailors as well as competitors across the world got an opportunity to see the team Corpus Christi taking part in the competition. Craig Henderson, the commodore of Corpus Christi Yacht Club said that the team is ready to show its best performance. The opening ceremony of 2018 World Youth Sailing Championship took place at the American Bank Center on Sunday. The world will see young sailors representing their home countries in the championship that made a comeback to the U.S after more than 2 decades. The champions made their entry during the week and started off with their practice sessions on the bay. The opening ceremony that was held on Sunday was indeed an interesting one as competitors began to pour water from the home nations into a common bowl.

Ana Clare Sole, the Team USA was quite happy as she said that she has friends all over the world and this is the time to meet different people with a common passion and goals. The Team Egypt Sponsor Jennifer Rock said that it’s good to see people with so much enthusiasm and they have a lot of positive spirits out there. The maximum excitement was seen from France, especially after they saw their own Soccer team winning the World Cup. The team said they wish to do the same thing and are quite hopeful about winning like their soccer team. The sailing competition is in association with the Olympic Development Program.

The sailor from A Team Canada thanked the States for such a great venue in addition to the best hospitality as people in Corpus are very affectionate and friendly. The competition would go on for a week and last till Friday. The public is keeping its fingers crossed to figure out which team will win the competition. It would be an exciting competition to watch.