Yachting event at Long Beach

Long Beach is gearing up for a sensational yacht race that will take place here. This event is an iconic one, as this is the annual Congressional Cup, and this year, this will be the 50th event. So truly, this is going to be a spectacular event, and hundreds are anticipated to come and see this race. As it is, the streets of Long Beach are going to be cleared up for the Grand Prix event that will be held here, but the waterfront too is going to be milling with many yachting enthusiasts, and many notable names will be taking part in the 50th Congressional Cup.

When it comes to match racing, there is no other event of equal splendour than the Congressional Cup, and there are many who have shined at this event. Take for example, Ted Turner, who in 1977, won the Crimson Blazer, which is the highest honour given here at the Cup. He was the winning skipper at the event that year, and in the same year, he went on to win the America’s Cup. Another big name in yachting is that of Jimmy Spithill, who, although did not win at the Congressional Cup, outshined everyone else at the America’s Cup. But he was the runner-up at the Congressional Cup, both in 2001 and 2003, which is actually quite a gargantuan feat, and needs proper appreciation.

This is one of the best races of the world, and in yachting circles; anyone who even thinks of competing here is highly acclaimed. There are a total of 60 sailors, who come to race, and there are 10 identical sailboats which are used, and the race starts off from within feet of Belmont Pier. Teams come from all over, as far away as Australia and even local teams, such as the team from Long Beach Yacht Club, also participate.