Faridha Overbeat Sickness With Malaysian Navy

Faridha Yusof gets motion of sickness when she board ship, but when the opportunity of joining (RMM) Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), she did not back stepped.

Instead, she joined RMN Sail Training Ship Tunas Samudera and said this is the biggest challenge she has faced and as a mariner she has to overcome with this.

“I had being to ship a number of times, yet I have vomited several times and I still get motion sickness.” Speaking about the training Penang-born lass said “The training on board is very tough and amid the training I have broken some of my bone too. It was in taekwondo I had broken my bones.”

“Work likes pulling the sail and working on board is very tough and it requires teamwork, all the tasks could not be done single hand, you need the support of somebody. When I remain above and the boat sails in full swing, I feel some vertigo still,” said the Penang-born lass. (more…)

Team Vestas Crew Abandoned Ship After Their Boat Wrecked

On 30th November, the boat of Team Vestas was wrecked on Cargados Carajos Shoals in Indian Ocean, which is located 200 nautical miles to the North East of Mauritius. The incident happened at 1510 Coordinated Universal Time.

Every one of the crew members had to abandon the vessel and they waded their way to a dry part of the reef. The team was rescued at dawn. All crew members including the Australian captain, Chris Nicholson were moved to a very small islet known as St Brandon which is located about 430 kilometres north east of Mauritius.

When the accident happened and also for the whole night, the American Team Alvimedica stood nearby and they also made adequate preparations to get the crew of Team Vestas on board their vessel. After the rescue, team Alvimedica has resumed racing. (more…)