Falmouth Yacht Club Season Concluded

Falmouth Yacht Club Sonar Fleet season, the third race day began amid the tumultuous weather conditions that epitomize Cape Cod spring, the day started with thunderstorms, after that it went for the rolling fog and finally ended up with a gorgeous day. All this happened within the four hours of time.

However, the tumultuous weather didn’t affect the race as the organizers were prepared to handle the situation. They controlled the weather perfectly and set the race courses for the participants in what is called the perfect condition. The intensity of wind increased as the day progressed and the sun finally heated the water. Despite the prediction of fading freeze, by the third race, the wind raised from 10 to 12.8. It was steady at 240 degrees from the west, with a little shift on the third race. (more…)

Sailing Chief Now Hockey Chief

Ireland Hockey team has announced the name of their new Chief Executive and he is Jerome Pels. Before hockey Pels was at same role with World Sailing. Pels will take over his charge from Rob Johnson, who is the interim chief executive of Hockey team Ireland. Johnson has served this position for a year and he will hand over his responsibilities to Jerome Pels on January 3.

Pels has served the World sailing and International sailing federation on same role of chief executive from year 2008 to 2014. Earlier to that, he was in governing body circle. So, total he has the experience of 17 years as a governing body.

The Ireland Hockey Statement told a press conference in Kos “Pels has a big career record and within his tenure, he has served International sports for many. In the long history of his career he has acquired good knowledge and experience of sports. His experience of sports will help Hockey team of Ireland to excel in the path of success.” (more…)

Day 4 Round Up At Etchells

Day 4 at the Etchells Worlds was held under tough wind conditions. The race saw many teams experience gear issues. There was a big breeze on Day 4 at the Etchells World Championships at 25 knots along with squalls that felt as if the wind sped was over 30 knots.

The race 6 of the regatta event was completed in trying circumstances and this meant that there was a series guaranteed for the regatta. There was only one race that took place and it was won by American Argyle Campbell from the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The reigning Etchells Worlds champion Skip Dieball from USA completed the race in the 3rd position and the second place was grabbed by British sailor Andy Beadsworth. (more…)

America’s World Cup Series

For those who are following America’s Cup sailing events, they can look forward to seeing sporadic events lining up towards the finale of this mega tournament by the end of the year. Currently the tournament has moved to Portsmouth. For those who are sailing enthusiasts and have followed the evolution of the different sailing tournaments, they might feel that the America’s Cup World Series seems to be started a little while ago when the first race of this epic tournament had been raced first in Portsmouth in UK. This year the boats that are part of the tournament are moving to the same port around this time for the next lap of the tournament.

There would be an unofficial day for the boats to practice before the races begin on the weekend. There are several skippers and boats, some of which are preparing for the Rio Games as well. For instance, Artemis Racing will see Francesco Bruni is stepping in for Nathan Outteridge who would be taking part in the Rio Games, with Darren Ambridge of Scotland Bareboat charter stepping in. The present leader of the tournament is the Emirates team of New Zealand whose skipper would also be away for this event as he is busy preparing for the Rio Games. (more…)

50-ft yacht runs aground on Lake Norman

Shamrockin, a fifty foot yacht, got clung on a shoal off Governor’s Island, located near Denver, one of the fluffiest parts of the Lake Norman. TowBoatUS’s Derek DeBord said that one never knows from a tale at night what is really taking place till you just go there and experience it.

This is one of the top challenges that DeBord has confronted on Lake Norman. The yacht is the biggest to ever go aground on the water-body. DeBord stated that the boat operator was on the lake at evening when his electronics stopped working. Without access to a GPS system which shows the water depth, the operator had the boat stuck. (more…)

Rio airport to shut down during the Olympic sailing events

The Rio de Janeiro airport for inland flights will close down for several hours a day during Olympic Games’ sailing events next year in the adjacent bay, said Brazil’s military on Wednesday. Flight ways to Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro’s heart come low over the Guanabara Bay where sailors at the Games will compete on 8th to 18th August, needing confinements of four to 5 hours daily, said Air Force spokesman Andre Ferreira Grandis.

Speaking to Plain Sailing, Andre Ferreira said that they are talking about this, a particular timetable so that when the sailing competitions take place they do not have this problem. Santos Dumont will not shut all day, but for a period.

Brazil airlines
In fact, Grandis added that the measure was not related to security but for the event not to be affected. Sailors have quetched that the low-flying flights might disrupt races, but another major reason for the flight bans is the need to clear airspace for helicopters filming the Olympics.

Grandis told that the passengers coming to Rio would not have problems with all the traffic restrictions. Earlier in August, Brazilian Airlines Association complained regarding the aforethought closures, warning they would paralyze air travel and impact on over 150000 passengers, airlines. The band stated that it was looking at the industrial action during the Olympic Games.

Wind Surf Yacht at Dun Laoghaire Harbour

The 5-mast Wind Surf cruise yacht is all set to dock at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour on Saturday, July 12, at 7 am. It would remain docked at south Dubllin Bay port till 6.30 pm when it would depart to the Isle of Man. Also, it visited Dublin Bay earlier on Wednesday issuing from Dublin Port under sail.

In Windstar Cruises fleet, Wind Surf is the biggest ship and is popular as for their luxurious conveniences carrying three hundred and twelve guests as well as one hundred and ninety one international staff (according to the charter yacht UK website). The Wind Surf, one part sailing yacht as well as one part upscale cruise ship, has 7 triangular, self-furling, computer operated sails. (more…)