America’s World Cup Series

For those who are following America’s Cup sailing events, they can look forward to seeing sporadic events lining up towards the finale of this mega tournament by the end of the year. Currently the tournament has moved to Portsmouth. For those who are sailing enthusiasts and have followed the evolution of the different sailing tournaments, they might feel that the America’s Cup World Series seems to be started a little while ago when the first race of this epic tournament had been raced first in Portsmouth in UK. This year the boats that are part of the tournament are moving to the same port around this time for the next lap of the tournament.

There would be an unofficial day for the boats to practice before the races begin on the weekend. There are several skippers and boats, some of which are preparing for the Rio Games as well. For instance, Artemis Racing will see Francesco Bruni is stepping in for Nathan Outteridge who would be taking part in the Rio Games, with Darren Ambridge of Scotland Bareboat charter stepping in. The present leader of the tournament is the Emirates team of New Zealand whose skipper would also be away for this event as he is busy preparing for the Rio Games.

There would be a press conference held where certain points would be discussed such as how the skippers would like the future of the tournament to be more defined and certain so that sponsorship issues and valuation can be more determined for this event. The Kiwi team stated that if they won the Cup they would want to return to mono hulls and want that to be a definite rule for the tournament. The press conference saw some happy banter between the skippers and that is heartening to follow for the fans that are eagerly following the different phases of the tournament.