Heiner A Consistent Sailor In Hyères

At World Cup Series of Sailing, Nicholas Heiner’s (NED) consistency in the Finn is equal success. The event is taking place in Hyères, France.

From 52 nations 534 racers are racing across the ten Olympic events. So far, the 2.4 Norlin OD, Foiling Formula Kiteboarding and Heiner have been one of the most reliable performers among all.

The breeze is 7-13 knot at the event site, which took some time to get filled in, and the 2017 World Cup Series second regatta has reached to its midpoint. And for the live Medal Races on Saturday and Sunday the battle is on.

The third day of Finn regatta became another consistent day of racing for Heiner. He took the lead in a fleet that has all experienced racers. (more…)

Faridha Overbeat Sickness With Malaysian Navy

Faridha Yusof gets motion of sickness when she board ship, but when the opportunity of joining (RMM) Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), she did not back stepped.

Instead, she joined RMN Sail Training Ship Tunas Samudera and said this is the biggest challenge she has faced and as a mariner she has to overcome with this.

“I had being to ship a number of times, yet I have vomited several times and I still get motion sickness.” Speaking about the training Penang-born lass said “The training on board is very tough and amid the training I have broken some of my bone too. It was in taekwondo I had broken my bones.”

“Work likes pulling the sail and working on board is very tough and it requires teamwork, all the tasks could not be done single hand, you need the support of somebody. When I remain above and the boat sails in full swing, I feel some vertigo still,” said the Penang-born lass. (more…)

Sailing Stalled In Sheboygan

Championships that were planned at Sheboygan had to be curtailed on September 22nd as there was a lack of wind on the first two days.

That led to competitions being stalled. This happened on the first of the two days when championship sailing events were planned. However, this might have come as a blessing in disguise as the sailors who were waiting for the competitions to take part found more interesting things to do. There were about two groups of top level sailors who were at Shebogyan for the week as there were two kinds of championships scheduled to take place at Shebogyan at the same time. One group was the World Racing Championship for women sailors while the other consisted of visually impaired sailors taking part in the Blind Match Race. Both the team got to learn much about each other. The women’s team realized that the blind sailors had a unique way of sailing that was neat.

As there was unsettling wind and fog it prevented the races from being on the waters as per schedule. However, the female competitors learnt several techniques on how to steer the sail even without sight. (more…)

50-ft yacht runs aground on Lake Norman

Shamrockin, a fifty foot yacht, got clung on a shoal off Governor’s Island, located near Denver, one of the fluffiest parts of the Lake Norman. TowBoatUS’s Derek DeBord said that one never knows from a tale at night what is really taking place till you just go there and experience it.

This is one of the top challenges that DeBord has confronted on Lake Norman. The yacht is the biggest to ever go aground on the water-body. DeBord stated that the boat operator was on the lake at evening when his electronics stopped working. Without access to a GPS system which shows the water depth, the operator had the boat stuck. (more…)

Wind Surf Yacht at Dun Laoghaire Harbour

The 5-mast Wind Surf cruise yacht is all set to dock at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour on Saturday, July 12, at 7 am. It would remain docked at south Dubllin Bay port till 6.30 pm when it would depart to the Isle of Man. Also, it visited Dublin Bay earlier on Wednesday issuing from Dublin Port under sail.

In Windstar Cruises fleet, Wind Surf is the biggest ship and is popular as for their luxurious conveniences carrying three hundred and twelve guests as well as one hundred and ninety one international staff (according to the charter yacht UK website). The Wind Surf, one part sailing yacht as well as one part upscale cruise ship, has 7 triangular, self-furling, computer operated sails. (more…)

Settlement anticipated in yacht lead spill

Spokesperson for attorney general as well as superyacht Parsifal III that allegedly spilled around thirty tons of lead into Virgin Islands waters when it hit into Carrot Shoal, revealed in High Court earlier on Tuesday that they expect to reach an agreement anytime in the next 2 months.

A try out was made to commence earlier on Tuesday, but both the parties questioned for an adjournment to June when they tried to settle all the matter out of court. Attorney representing Parsifal III is Hazelann Hannaway-Boreland and it is managed by international marine firm named Camper and Nicholsons, said High Court Justice Vicki-Ann Ellis that dialogues were to begin on that day.

In court, it was told that the case deals with Parsifal III challenging the legality of a part of VI Merchant Shipping Act. Still, no people in court really explained what provision of the law is being dealt with. Ms. Hannaway-Boreland denied saying anything, and the officials of the High Court Registry told that the case documents are not made available to all. (more…)

Team Vestas Crew Abandoned Ship After Their Boat Wrecked

On 30th November, the boat of Team Vestas was wrecked on Cargados Carajos Shoals in Indian Ocean, which is located 200 nautical miles to the North East of Mauritius. The incident happened at 1510 Coordinated Universal Time.

Every one of the crew members had to abandon the vessel and they waded their way to a dry part of the reef. The team was rescued at dawn. All crew members including the Australian captain, Chris Nicholson were moved to a very small islet known as St Brandon which is located about 430 kilometres north east of Mauritius.

When the accident happened and also for the whole night, the American Team Alvimedica stood nearby and they also made adequate preparations to get the crew of Team Vestas on board their vessel. After the rescue, team Alvimedica has resumed racing. (more…)