Wind plays spoilt-sport at A-class Worlds

The 2nd day of A-Class Worlds initiated with an unexpected terrible windy ambience, with breeze averaging 13 knots & puffs touching to 20 knots. The result was no less than  a carnage.

ETNZ squad commenced the day with an ideal start, delivering a clear sweep right from 1st to 4th– Ashby (1), Burling (2), Tuke (3) & Davies (4).

The challenging situation led to a number of retirements and withdrawals at the championship. There were many breakages as well, some terrible crashes & according to some participants the situations were simply too rough.

The most notable incident was that of Glenn Ashby who broke down bolts to secure the starboard radar on top mark that in turn forced him to withdraw. The ETNZ is surely planning to alter all bolts to secure both the radars for 3rd day of the race.

Nathan Outteridge also faced severe breakage with his yacht courtesy the bad uncontrollable windy environ. He several significant aspects of his boat all through the day. Nathan commenced with a tough start in 1st race with issues regarding outhaul & the cleat was unable to jam. During the 2nd race, the trapeze wear had a breakdown & Outteridge voluntarily stacked his yacht to retrieve broken wire that in turn pushed him to the 17th position. However, he still managed to put up a bold effort that catapulted him right to the 6th place but this time he ended up breaking dagger-board case while crossing the final line.

“I just broke everything”, said Nathan while asked to speak a few words post his valiant finish.

The 1st boat in the 2nd day of the race was that of Mischa Heemskerk, the erstwhile world champ from Netherlands. He was followed by leading Aussie sailors Andrew Landenberger & Adam Beattie in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.