18 thoughts on ““I should know, I’m a medical doctor” SLACKER – 1991

  1. Me and my buddy used to watch this and just laugh and laugh. So many characters. I love the bearded conspiracy guy….”Keep it under your hat”. Classic!

  2. I thought the exact same thing. Infact a few years back when I heard there was a Slacker DVD coming out ever video store I went to would always give me Slackers and it just added fuel to the fire of hate for that movie.
    But you can at least get it on Ebay or rent it now from Blockbuster online. But I’m set, I have the DVD and I still ahven’t opened it. I kind of want to keep it in prestine condition.

  3. You are so right. Everytime I tell someone that this is my favortie movie they same the same thing…SLACKERS! That movie was almost as bad as Howard the Duck…and that was bad!

  4. This IS the best movie ever! I’m from Austin and Slacker (and Waking Life) is such a great illustration of life there (at least the way it used to be) Anyway, when I tell people to watch this movie, they usually mistake it for “Slackers”, the mainstream movie. Makes me homesick…

  5. too bad doctors make only $40k a year after you graduate.

    nurses make about the same too – only $40k a year.

  6. will someone please post the ‘madonna pap smear’ scene already?
    pretty please?

  7. occasionaly me and my buddy say these lines to get our spirits up and spread the insanity.

  8. what a god damn mental patient that broad is .i would tell her to go take a flying leap and get the hell outta my face

  9. This was one of the most messed up scenes in the movie because it makes no sense!

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