7 thoughts on “Gelcoat-what is it and how to maintain it part1

  1. Are you asking because you would like to know? That’s a big box to open, that answer
     completely depends on the manufacturer.

  2. Not only beautifull but smart too. I no longer live abord, 20 years is enough. Still Ican learn from you!

  3. Common misconception. It is true that you should compound only when absolutely necessary.
    But never compounding is more for paints.Especially LP’s. I was merely introducing gelcoat
    with this video,and will get into cleaners later. Yes,and please wear protective gear especially
    with oaxalic. it can shut your kidney’s down with too much exposure!

  4. NEVER COMPOUND! Soft scrub will do the job. For stains (0il etc) oxalic acid will do the job. Be carefull with the acid and wear rubber gloves. Most gellcoat cleaners contain this.

    Keep on keeping on

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